treasured trash projectには、プロダクト、インテリア、グラフィック、アートなど、ジャンルを超えて集まったデザイナーが多数参加しています。

title co-creator

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gift_ (Space Design/Creative Unit / Tokyo, Japan)


They do total cultural design oriented mainly with space design. Sound, graphic and movie design and direction business are also some of our main consideration. Also they have gallery & shop called "gift_lab." The gallery introduces music, design, art, culture, etc. This showroom is mainly their base to present their philosophy towards the world besides what they do above.


treasured trash
(Communication, Space Design, 2006/2007-)

treasured trash projectのプロデュース、キュレーション、空間構成を担当。

gift_ is producing treasured trash project. Also taking charge of the curation and the space design.